Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet NHC's New Highly Paid Community Affairs Specialist - Carl Anthony Byrd

 NOTE: At the time of this post, your blogger had forgotten that DWI charges go from Level 5 being the least, to Level 1 being the worst. Byrd's Level 2 conviction was the worst of the two.

When New Hanover County decided to close its five member Human Relations Department as a budgetary decision, four workers were out of a job. One member, former director Carl Byrd, was retained and repositioned with the county in one of the two newly created community affairs specialist roles, which pays significantly less, at anywhere between $41 - $63K/year . As director of the Human Relations Department, Byrd earned about $89,000 a year. As a community affairs specialist, Byrd earns about... $89,000 a year; minus what is withheld due to mandatory furlough days. In addition, his Rotary Club dues are picked up by the taxpayer as well for good measure. The other community affairs specialist earns within the salary window for the position.

Why the discrepancy? Part of the reason is that the county has a rule that says if someone is given a lesser job title, then as long as it's not for disciplinary action, they are entitled to keep their salary intact. Plus, it's probably a good idea to have some friends in high places - especially if you're the same Carl Anthony Byrd with a rap sheet.

That's right folks - meet the guy in charge of dealing with the affairs of the community. Byrd was convicted of a Level 2 DWI; but somehow skated away from doing time by being found "not medically able to serve a sentence". Next, "carrying a concealed gun". This time, the charges are dropped by the D.A. Remember how important I mentioned it is to have friends in high places? Last, but certainly not least, Byrd graduates to a Level 5 DWI; is found GUILTY - but manages to get out of that as well with a small fine.

Who is Carl Byrd? Well besides being a convicted criminal, he's apparently really good friends with some prominent political figures, and pretty cozy in the judicial system here in NHC. Oh yeah - he's also your new highly overpaid community affairs specialist.

Byrd's criminal record:

Byrd Criminal Record

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