Friday, August 20, 2010

McIntyre Breaks Pledge to District 7

Way back in 1996, when NC District 7 Representative Mike McIntyre was making his debut as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, he put ink to paper, signing a document and making a pledge to only serve six terms, or 12 years, as a representative in the U.S. House.

Mcintyre 6 Term Limit Pledge - 1996

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law defines "pledge" as: "a binding promise to do or forbear". 14 years later, we still have Mike McIntyre as a representative, and he's campaigning for another run for the same seat. With his soft smile, "favorite uncle" wrinkled brow; and tendency to shower the region with federal taxpayer money carefully donated to specific friendly causes, McIntyre is quite beloved in this district. However, one should not be quick to dismiss the intentional, wanton ignoring of this pledge. What else is McIntyre dishonest about? This pledge was not merely a political game or a photo-op moment; but a commitment to the constituents that he serves right here in District 7.

Recently, McIntyre has been feeling the pressure from the Tea Party movement, and has been airing television ads openly attempting to distance himself ideologically from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid - it doesn't go unnoticed however, that McIntyre voted for Pelosi to become Speaker - twice; the latest just last year.

So who is the real Mike McIntyre? As demonstrated here, I think it's fair to say that he's dishonest to say the least; if not an outright liar. How can one pledge themselves to their electorate; sign their name to a binding document promising to do a thing; and then turn around and ignore it; all while asking that same electorate to cast their vote for him yet again? It is quite mind-boggling.

The Founders envisioned citizens SERVING their communities and their states in Congress temporarily, and then returning home to private life to live, work, and take care of their families. Not suddenly obtaining a political career, and a lifelong free ride on the backs of taxpayers simply by virtue on being elected to office.

McIntyre is a career politician who will say whatever to whoever to get elected, and will even sign his name - which has been symbolic of assigning personal honor to something for centuries - and not think twice about ignoring and violating that which he pledged to do. It's time to dismiss the career politicians in Washington; and begin to elect true citizen-representatives.


  1. No one else in Congress has to abide by the term limits and seniority in Congress means greater power and good for one's district. If someone's doing a good job like bringing money back to fund beach renourishment and VFDs (what this post calls friendly special projects), then what's the problem?

  2. Bottom line is ask yourself this..... What's on the back end of those checks McIntyre is bringing back to our area? Trust me it's costing us in the long run in another area. Folks WAKE UP. There is a hidden agenda here, the "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. He voted NO on the Health Care bill but he never tried to talk other Democrats into voting NO with him. And he only voted NO when his VOTE no longer MATTERED!!!!!! The Democrats already had enough votes to pass the Bill. He also never worked on getting a VA Hospital in our area until someone like Pantano decided run against him who SERVED his Country and can Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk. Now he's all about getting the VA Hospital rolling. McIntyre your 12 yrs. are up. Move home to Lumberton and let someone else Move to Washington and Speak for North Carolina District 7

  3. "No one else is keeping their promise so why should I?" What kind of integrity is that???!!!! McIntyre lacks the honor and humility of a servant. Congressmen are supposed to serve us and not the other way around. We, the educated, awakened people of Distict 7 want a representative duty-bound to serve us and the best and only choice is Ilario Pantano!

  4. You're paying for the "free" money for the beaches with your taxes. Don't you already pay enough in property taxes that should be used for the state? Where does that money go? You really want higher federal taxes and sales taxes to pay for the beach? You couldn't hold a telethon and raise money for the beach? There's no companies or wealthy individuals who wouldn't give to help the beach? There's no other solution than taking money from DC which you have to pay back in spades?

    So, sure, let's cut medicare/medicaid/social security, etc., so Mike can hand out a big oversized check. I'm sure all the people in NC living at or below the poverty line really appreciate it.

  5. I'll go one step further...I'll be supporting Mike McInRETIRE! He plays the words game. What is "is"? We don't need career politicians. It's time to go back you your successful legal practice buddy!.

  6. I go on the record as one veteran with my veteran comrades voting for McIntyre. He has done for vets what Pantano will likely never do. Pantano is for himself and has an agenda for himself and not the seventh district.


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