Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Pay to Play Chronicles: Chapter One

When the term "pay to play" comes up, certain venerable established local politicians may come to mind for some. Bill Caster, no doubt, rightfully earns a spot in this distinctive class.

The latest example, among many, is revealed in his latest campaign finance report. Caster, one of the leading proponents of buying off Airlie Gardens from the Corbett family in the late 1990's; and subsequently adding its expense to the burden of county taxpayers,  is still reaping the rewards of his efforts. From Caster's own website:
I was the Chairman of the New Hanover County Board of Commissioner when the County purchased the Gardens in 1999. I, along with Commissioner Greer and Camilia Herievich, of the Coastal Land Trust, were committed to save Airlie Gardens from development of 47 home sites. I took the lead in the negotiations with the Corbett family and sealed the deal.
I wonder what all of terms of this so-called "deal" included? It's been more than a decade since the Corbett's received an attractive taxpayer subsidy for their land thanks to Caster, and even now, they are extending their thanks through their checkbook. On page 10 of Caster's 1st Quarter Campaign Finance Report filed with the New Hanover County Board of Elections, a contribution in the amount of $500 was made to Caster courtesy of Diane Corbett of Corbett Management Corp.

Caster 1Q Campaign Finance - Page 10

$500 may not be a whole lot of money, but if you were to go back and calculate the total amount that Caster has raked in from the Corbett family, I'm sure that would raise some eyebrows.

While none of these actions are illegal, they are interesting pieces of the puzzle that form a total picture of an incestuous relationship certain elitist families in the business community enjoy with our elected leaders. This is only the very point on the tip of an enormous iceberg. As we discover more of these cozy relationships, and the money trail that accompanies them, we will bring that information to you.

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  1. Hey what a rough 2009-2010 for Rusty Carter! First his six year criminal syndicate focused on illegal campaign funds to federal, state and local politicos. Also, the Wilmington based bank on which he was a board director from 2001-2007 went belly-up costing taxpayers $200+MILLION!!!
    Please look into these tentacles I am sure there are more bad actors yet to be exposed. Wilmington is sadly much more corrupt than anyone ever imagined. And the locals doing it? They think it is a right of passage! And a way for them to TRY to maintain power and control as the last plantation aristocracy in the United States is finally exposed for what it really is.


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