Friday, June 18, 2010

Lies & Deceit from the Caster Campaign

WWAY has uncovered deceitful tactics being employed by the Bill Caster campaign. David Benford, a Caster campaign worker, crafted a letter to the editor blasting opponent Brian Berger, and echoing messages in Caster's radio ads almost verbatime. Caster and Benford crafted a plan via email to have a regular citizen to sign the letter as if they had submitted it of their own accord.

Enter Phyllis S. Smith, the lackey for their plan. She signs the letter and it gets published in the Star News. WWAY did a inquiry into the county's email system and uncovered the whole thing. When they called Benford, he said he knew nothing about it and had nothing to do with any of it. Caster denied everything as well. When WWAY divulged that they had the emails to prove their involvement, both men got real quiet, and then changed their whole story.

Watch this video and read the report on this incredible story:

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  1. More of the same from David Benford, as if we hadn't had enough already. Just ask Michael Lee, whose campaign slogan was "Enough is Enough" - Benford runs the same sleaze every time and sets the standard for down in the dirt politics. He must have come from the Clinton school, where the politics of personal destruction trumps the issues and the truth every time.


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