Sunday, February 5, 2012

Broke WAVE Transit Puts Four Video Cameras in Every Bus

WAVE's annual budget is about $7M and they only take in about $1M through fares. The rest comes from intergovernmental transfers.

There's no mention of this being funded by grant money.


Four cameras on each of WAVE Transit's 45 buses constantly monitor the comings and goings of passengers with video and audio recordings. Signs on the buses alert passengers of the equipment.

"All passengers of this vehicle are subject to having their image and voice recorded," the signs read.

The cameras, purchased and installed in 2010, cost Wave about $100,000, said Albert Eby, Wave executive director. They replaced older cameras and offer a much more detailed look inside and outside the buses.

I just realized that it doesn't say if outfitting each bus costs $100k or if outfitting the entire fleet costs that, but I'd find it hard to believe they outfitted the entire fleet for $100k.

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  1. @ 7 million per year, wouldn't it be cheaper to buy the regular riders a car and shut down the buses?


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